UBA/PVS-14 – Monocular Night Vision Device



Photonis Imaging Tubes. Pricing starts at $2725.97 for our entry model Photonis 4g White Phosphor. This is a commercial spec tube from Photonis Defense. You can find all the minimums for each tube offering we carry WIP. The white phosphor XLSH image intensifier is one of our popular configurations with this monocular because its price point entry point and value is exceptional. We have gotten to the point where night-vision should be a readily available part to any small-unit or training group. We also offer L3Harris image intensifiers starting with our 18UM. This price starts at $4125.97 and goes up to $4525.97 with our 20UA option.


The PVS-14 utilizes a single AA battery. The PVS-14 has a field of view of 40 degrees. This is the same FOV you would receive if you owned a goggle setup. It is often said that you will have depth perception issues with the PVS-14, but that is not the case. You just have one eye that can see through the device and one eye that does not. This will send mix signals to the brain when in use until you properly train under them. You won’t be able to just throw on a pair of night vision and run before you can walk. We recommend looking into training solutions from qualified instructors in your area and the training courses we will offer for our M4 Nightfighter (101-###) series courses.

To learn more about these tubes and what the minimum specs you will receive, please review the “Minimum Specifications” tab found under info. Or click WIP. We allow a FREE HAND SELECTION for all end users. If you are wanting to be apart of the process when assembling your unit, which we HIGHLY encourage please put the minimum specs you are looking for in your order notes, or if you want to be called when you are up in the build queue please put “hand select” in your order notes and we will give you a call for FREE to hand select your image intensifier.

Image intensifier

Photonis Echo White Phosphor, L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor 18 um, L3 Unfilmed 20 um White Phosphor


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